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What would you like to use returnable transport packaging for?

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provision and return

POOLING – Provision and Return

Pooling is an efficient system through which we provide re-usable transport packaging at a European level and also manage the recirculation.
The goal of the concept is to optimize resources and promote sustainability in food supply chains.
The benefits of this system extend across the entire supply chain: Disposable packaging is replaced and transports are made more efficient – both factors significantly impact the ecological balance.


long-term and short-term rental

RENT – Long-Term and Short-Term Rental

Stay flexible, even in challenging times. The long-term leasing of returnable transport packaging is an ideal solution for companies that regularly and over the long term need packaging for food. The advantage: Companies can focus on their core business without having to worry about purchasing, storing, and maintaining packaging materials.
Short-term rental is ideal when enterprises face seasonal fluctuations or need to manage temporary logistics projects. This allows for flexible adaptation to changing requirements without long-term commitments. Storage costs and space requirements are minimized.


washing and disinfecting

CLEANING – Washing and Disinfecting

The cleaning of re-usable transport packaging plays a crucial role in maintaining their functionality, safety, and resulting sustainability.
Especially in the food sector, we meet high standards – our cleaning processes are even halal certified. Thus, each packaging is ready for the next cycle after use and lasts many years to decades, which is noticeable both ecologically and economically.

Digital Supply Chains

tracking and automation

DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAINS – Tracking and Automation

Ready for the future – with integrated tracking and IoT technologies. Smart Labels and digital platforms are ideally suited as part of our returnable transport packaging for maximum transparency in the supply chain and a data foundation for optimizing quality assurance.
All participants in the supply chain gain deeper insights into usage data like temperature, humidity, fill level of the packaging, or even location. Efficient resource utilization is also favored, as the collected data helps to monitor the condition of the packaging and predict maintenance needs.

Smart Load Carrier Management

The ultimate tool for efficient load carrier management and transparent logistics processes! With our innovative platform, we offer customers the ability to easily book or reserve re-usable transport packaging, track all movements, and settle invoices – whether for the transport of goods, storage purposes, or other logistical requirements. This can be compared to apps for online banking or managing your own insurance: You have full control over your load carriers and can flexibly adjust them to best meet your operational challenges.

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