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Washing and Disinfecting

High Standards for Increased Food Safety

In our own service centers, the cleaning of re-usable transport packaging is carried out in several careful steps to remove dirt, residues, and potential contaminants.

Our goal is to ensure that the packaging is free of foreign particles and the transported goods are not exposed to contamination. Our cleaning, certified according to HACCP, is carried out mechanically using special cleaning agents that ensure both hygiene and environmental protection. We strictly adhere to international HACCP guidelines and use food-safe materials and cleaning processes.

Strict Hygiene Requirements for Your Safety

For your safety, we conduct the cleaning and disinfection of our reusable containers according to the strict and internationally binding HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This quality tool was specifically designed for handling food in 1959 and has since been continuously updated and optimized.

The hazard analysis and critical control points are clearly structured and focused on preventive measures in the food sector. These policies serve to prevent hazards that could lead to illness or injury of the consumer.

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