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Digital Circular Economy

Digital Circular Economy (DCE) is much more than what the name suggests. DCE stands for innovation, efficiency and transparency. WBG-Pooling helps you to digitise your supply chain sustainably. Using our environmentally friendly and smart reusable transport packaging, a pooling offering tailored to your production and logistics processes and our future-oriented software solutions means you are taking the right step towards digitalisation and at the same time contributing to a climate-friendly carbon footprint.

Digital Load Carrier Management

The smart solution for your supply chain

DCE digitalises all aspects of your load carrier management: The load carrier itself is smart, meaning it has a globally unique number and can be digitally linked to the contents, i.e. your goods, and both can be tracked through the supply chain. In addition, our smart load carriers can provide sensor data and thus help prevent food waste, for example.

Transport logistics for load carriers is still accompanied by a flood of paperwork. We work on developing fully digital solutions. The first step towards this goal is DIANA, the digital proof of delivery, which considerably speeds up today’s process.

The system allows you to make deliveries, collections or exemptions, initiate transfers and keep track of all movements based on the documents. With My WBG-Pooling, you have everything under control. Langwierige Kontenabstimmungen sind damit Vergangenheit. Direct integration into your ERP system is no problem as we offer a wide range of interfaces for this purpose.

  • Standardised and smart load carriers
  • Inmouldlable
  • Easy handling
  • Digitalisation of production and logistics processes
  • Tailor-made IT solution

Smart load carriers
Integrate global standards into internal processes

Our smart reusable transport packaging helps to optimise your logistics processes in a sustainable and digitalised manner.

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Digital proof of delivery
Develop transparent logistics processes

Faster, better, more efficient – digitise proof of arrival and delivery and transmit them in seconds.

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My WBG-Pooling
Our digital platform for your supply chain

Digital load carrier management from WBG-Pooling – all stocks in real time and from all end devices.

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