Mann auf einem landwirtschaftlichen Feld mit Mehrwegtransportverpackung Kiste in der Hand und Ladungsträgern im Hintergrund

Intelligent load carrier management

Towards a sustainable supply chain
with pooling solutions from WBG-Pooling

Keep your supply chain and movement of goods running smoothly at all times with our customized reusable transport packaging, individual pooling solutions and efficient load carrier management for agricultural production, further processing as well as food wholesale and retail.

Luftaufnahme eines Waldes

Efficiency & Sustainability

Stay on the “Green Deal” course.
with pooling solutions from WBG-Pooling

Keep your transport logistics on the right course. With WBG-Pooling’s reusable transport packaging (RTP), companies save up to 65% on energy and 60% carbon emissions compared to conventional packaging while also keeping packaging plastics in a closed recycling loop.

Ein Stapel blauer Kunststoff Paletten der WBG Pooling Ladungsträger

Strong, smooth-running, smart

WBG-Pooling L3 Logistic Pallet in light blue

WBG-Pooling hygienic pallets in the logistics series (L) are unbeatable for those customers looking for uncompromising reliability for their processes, load capacity, automation capability and hygiene. Clever details such as anti-slip coatings and smart tags, make the industrial pallet, currently the strongest on the market, a leader in hygienic pallets.

Naturaufnahme vom Oldenburger Münsterland

Think global, act local

Develop your career with the best.

We are a large regional employer that is deeply rooted in our region and provides internationally pooling services through over 30 service centres in 11 countries. You can look forward to a close-knit and open team, regional jobs in an international environment, attractive benefits and exciting job opportunities for those looking to achieve more: for themselves, for the region and for more sustainable supply chains in the food trade across the EU.

Our services

WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG has dedicated itself entirely to modern load carrier management (pooling and leasing). We provide customers with standardised reusable transport packaging throughout Europe: whether Euro H1 hygienic pallets, plastic e-crates or big boxes. They can rely on the proper reusable transport packaging solution for their type of goods and seasonal requirements and have a good conscious that the packaging is continuously moved in a cycle. WBG-Pooling thus offers companies from food production and food retail trade (FRT) the opportunity to continuously optimise their logistics processes. Customers can request reusable transport packaging for their production from WBG-Pooling at any time and return it for collection throughout Europe. We offer solutions at fixed conditions. This prevents high investments in carriers and ensures great savings potential in logistics.

WBG-Pooling Services
Bestandteile eines effizienten Ladungsträgermanagement: Warehousing, Washing & Sanitizing, Recycling & Pooling
gefüllte Mehrwegtransportverpackungen aus dem Pooling Service von WBG

Save CO2 with the pooling network from WBG-pooling

Do you want to improve the carbon footprint in your company? Did you know that you can save CO2 by using reusable transport packaging in combination with our pooling network?


Facts and Figures

As one of the leading German pooling service providers with a European network, we are proud to offer our customers extremely efficient load carrier management solutions. These save costs and time and effort while also improving the energy balance and sustainability of the entire supply chain.


WBG-Pooling’s beginnings

35 years of experience as a pooling partner for trade, production and logistics.


27 countries in the WBG-Pooling customer service and sales network

Pooling service with no language barriers and readily available throughout Europe.


43 service and logistics locations –
throughout the EU in 11 countries

Short distances, efficient logistics and the flow of goods mean maximum sustainability.


65% less energy consumption and 60% fewer carbon emissions in the supply chain

Increase sustainability, reduce costs, improve efficiency with RTPs from WBG-Pooling.

The European Green Deal Sustainable industry: action plan for a circular economy

Mobilising industry for a clean circular economy

Eliminating single-use and limited-use products

From the farm to the table: a fair, healthy and environmentally friendly food system

Zero-pollutant target for a pollution-free environment

Solutions for a wide range of tasks

E-crates, foldable crates, pallet boxes, liquid containers, plastic pallets or wooden pallets. We offer a wide variety of carriers for production, trade and logistics. Looking for more? We can meet your individual requirements for reusable transport packaging in any industry with custom-printed designs, special requests, smart technologies and comprehensive advice.

Ladungsträger rote E Kiste von WBG-Pooling


Ladungsträger blaue Klappkiste von WBG-Pooling

Foldable crates

Ladungsträger Palettenboxen rote Big Box

Pallet boxes

Ladungsträger Liquid Container zum Transport und zur Lagerung von Flüssigkeiten

Liquid containers

Ladungsträger Kunststoffpalette in grau zum Warentransport

Plastic pallets

Ladungsträger Epal Europalette aus Holz

Euro pallets

Ladungsträger Trennmaterial

Consumer goods

Add value with reusable packaging

WBG-Pooling is a family-run company rich in tradition that creates synergies in the fresh produce supply chain. Our customers benefit from personal service and integration into our European network.

The service portfolio of WBG-Pooling GmbH & Co. KG covers your entire supply chain: We are service provider for reusable packaging that operates throughout Europe and offers pooling and leasing services for e-crates, hygienic pallets and big boxes in a wide range of designs.

Each customer receives their requested type of reusable transport packaging (RTP) in the required quality, throughout Europe, 365 days a year.

We wash and sanitize used reusable transport packaging and also recycle any damaged e-containers, hygienic pallets and big boxes. Our service portfolio also includes trading and warehousing of customers’ e-crates, hygienic pallets and big boxes.