Fangfrische Fische

From the sea into the reusable pool

Hardly any food is as perishable as fish or seafood. A tightly secured and seamless cold chain from the ship to the point of sale ensures the required food safety and high quality of the products. Our reusable packaging is exactly the right travel companion for this journey.

Our fish boxes have been specially designed for transporting chilled or frozen marine products and meet all the necessary requirements for this highly sensitive supply chain from standardised formats to sustainable materials and offer real-time tracking.

Reusable packaging solutions for fish and seafood

Improved quality assurance for every phase of the sensitive supply chain

Our specially developed fish boxes pass the suitability test both on rough seas and on the loading area of a truck thanks to their robustness and functionality. Unlike conventional packaging solutions, WBG-Pooling offers a number of added benefits. For example, the higher side walls allow significantly more capacity for the required storage of goods in the ice.

The different sizes are always compatible with each other and can thus be stacked together and loaded safely. This guarantees safe transport and also makes handling easier for all staff. Versions with or without a drainage outlet are also available for draining off liquids quickly.

Fische auf Eis gelegt

Your benefit: only the strictest hygiene standards

Our fish boxes are washed and sanitized according to HACCP guidelines in one process. This safely removes all organic matter and prevents cross-contamination.

Fischwaren in einer Auslage im Supermarkt

Your benefit: efficient handling

Standard dimensions mean all our fish boxes are suitable for all automation processes. This ensures seamless transport from sea to the POS.

WBG-Pooling BigBox 1000 orange + drain

Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 740 mm
Tare weight 40 kg +/- 3%
Volume 605 L
Dynamic load capacity 1.200 kg
Product information
Fischkiste E Performance in blau

Fish-Performance-Crate light blue

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 150 mm
Tare weight 1,30 kg (+/- 1%)
Filling weight 20 kg
Temp. resistance -40°C to +70°C
Product information

Euro H1 Hygienic Pallet light grey

Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 160 mm
Tare weight 18,00 kg +/- 3%
Static load capacity 5.000 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1.250 kg
Product information