Kleinteile aus Kunststoff von recycelten Mehrwegtransportverpackungen

Prevent waste or successfully recycle it

Many companies want to act in a more ecologically responsible way. WBG-Pooling can help you with your goal! Reusing transport packaging reduces the environmental impact and prevents waste. We always think of circular management in holistic terms and thus rely on professional recycling. All of our reusable containers are therefore made of recyclable materials such as plastic from innovative recyclates.

Modern laser and camera technology are used to continuously check all our transport packaging for damage and defects. Should containers no longer meet our strict inspection criteria, we take them back and send them to professional recycling companies for further processing. In this way, we continuously close the cycle of recyclable materials. No matter whether e-crates, H1 pallets or big boxes, we have a European network of certified recycling partners. Trust in WBG-Pooling and conserve your company’s own resources and natural resources.

Trade & Recycling

Taking responsibility for the environment together

Using raw materials sustainably is of great importance for every company’s ecological future. Our European network of certified recycling companies, supports our customers on this path.

We offer clear economic advantages for your eco-balance: we buy defective e-crates, H1 pallets and big boxes and supply them to plastic processing industries to achieve the best possible return for you.

We replace damaged reusable containers, if necessary. You benefit from a solution to your waste problem and always have flawless, washed and sanitized carriers.

  • Sustainable use of raw materials
  • Compensation of material value
  • No waste issues
  • European network
  • We replace defective RTPs on request

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