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Sustainable solutions for the entire fresh produce supply chain

European network with sustainable solutions: When partnering with WBG-Pooling, companies not only optimise their logistic processes but also reduce their carbon footprint.

How? By relying on our reusable transport packaging and highly efficient pooling system.

As your reliable partner, WBG-Pooling supports you along all the steps in the fresh produce supply chain, helps you save valuable resources, and makes your company more cost-efficient and ready for the future.


From pooling to recycling through to monitoring: our portfolio of services covers all areas of a strong circular economy. The result is greater efficiency and sustainability in your supply chain.

Pooling & Leasing
Save resources and costs

Use our pool of reusable transport packaging time and again, for cost-effective and environmentally friendly processes. We supply you with the right carriers and clever management so that you can optimise your logistics and reduce your carbon balance.

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Ein WBG Pooling LKW auf der Straße beim Transport von Mehrwegtransportverpackungen

Washing & Sanitizing
Better food safety

We offer our customers certified washing and sanitizing to ensure food safety.

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Reinigung und Desinfektion von Mehrwegtransportverpackungen bei WBG Pooling

Act responsibly

We make supply chains greener not only through pooling but also through sustainable recycling with the help of our strong network throughout Europe.

Our recycling service
Einzelne Kunststoffbestandteile von Mehrwegtransportverpackungen beim Recycling

Readily available throughout Europe

Use our depots to store your reusable transport packaging. Benefits: You save space and costs yet have prompt and flexible access to the carriers you need in required quantities, especially during peak times.

Our warehousing services
Lager mit gestapelten Mehrwegtransportverpackungen in rot und grün für Lebensmittel

The right containers for every industry

Lease or purchase? The choice is yours. We offer you an extensive portfolio of reusable containers for every product range. Our solutions are also available in a customised design or with branding upon request.

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My WBG-Pooling
Benefit from our monitoring services and keep track of your logistics.

Automated empty container matching provides customers with greater transparency and promotes smooth logistics processes. When you choose WBG-Pooling, your logistics are online 24/7, and you can track all carriers in real time.

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