Ein Mann im blauen Anzug reinigt und desinfiziert nach HACCP Richtlinien

Washing & Sanitizing
We set high standards for your food safety

In the food sector, not only freshness and quality count but most importantly, compliance with very strict hygiene regulations.

WBG-Pooling offers customers certified washing and sanitizing to ensure the required food safety according to internationally valid HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and in compliance with the Food Transport Container Regulation (IFS Logistics).

Professional WBG-Pooling means you get everything in one wash.

Our circular system is a clean affair

WBG-Pooling collects, cleans and returns your reusable containers.

Whether e-crates, H1 pallets or big boxes, after each use, we collect the used reusable containers and transport them to our hygiene locations.

There, they are automatically cleaned in state-of-the-art high-pressure washers and sanitized using environmentally safe agents. All organic matter is removed during the cleaning, washing and sanitizing process.

We then transport the cleaned carriers back to our customers’ production sites to complete the cycle.

  • Collection, inspection, cleaning & drying of all containers in accordance with the highest hygiene and inspection standards
  • Guaranteed hygiene in compliance with IFS Logistics and HACCP quality standards
  • Strictly controlled and continuously improved cleaning processes
  • Washing and sanitizing of small carriers, large carriers and plastic pallets (e-crate, crates, pallet boxes)
  • Sanitized using steam at 90°C or with EU-standardised and IHO-tested disinfectants
  • Mechanical and manual removal of stubborn labels
  • Daily quality checks
  • European network
  • Flexible availability of clean RTPs throughout Europe
  • Cleaned and sanitized refrigerated box vehicles

Our sanitizing centres
Solutions for a clean conscience

No matter the location, we are always there for you throughout Europe. North to southern Europe and from western to eastern Europe, we ensure your carriers are cleaned professionally and in an environmentally friendly way. Our 32 service and logistics locations in 11 EU countries ensure short distances and guarantee perfect hygiene with maximum sustainability.

We clean using only chemical cleaning agents free of QACs that are not harmful to drinking water in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. Specially trained staff carry out strict checks each day to ensure that our high hygiene standards are met. You can be rest assured that we wash and sanitize the load compartments of the sealed refrigerated box vehicles before every transport and keep the box temperature below 6°C at all times.

Karte Europas mit den Standorten von WBG Pooling

WBG-Pooling hygiene and quality inspection

Case Study 2018

ein Mann liefert Mehrwegtransportverpackung zur Reinigung nach HACCP Standards

Step 1: A clean affair


With the WBG-Pooling system, your reusable containers are always clean and hygienic. We use our European network to transport e-crates, H1 pallets or big boxes back to your production sites after they are cleaned, washed and sanitized using only environmentally friendly processes. Our circulation system ensures you automatically have access to the carriers and pallets cleaned according to the strictest quality criteria.

Your returnable transport packaging is handled in the best way possible by dividing the process into three zones: black for goods receiving, grey for the cleaning process and white for picking. This strict and clear separation enables us to permanently guarantee exceptionally high quality and performance.

Man desinfiziert und wäscht eine Mehrwegtransportverpackung

Step 2: Black zone


The used boxes, big boxes and pallets are received in the ‘black zone’.

With the intake of your RTP in this zone, we ensure strict separation to carriers that have already been washed and sanitized.

Eine Mehrwegtransportverpackung wird gewaschen und desinfiziert

Step 3: Grey zone

The cleaning process

Cleaning, washing and sanitizing is then carried out exclusively in the ‘grey zone’ using the most modern washing facilities.

The large cycle enables timely services for our customers.


Step 4: White zone

Picking and delivery

In the ‘white zone’, hygienically and verifiably sanitized boxes, pallets and crates are picked and prepared for delivery.

We only load the carrier onto flawlessly cleaned trucks that our specially trained staff check before loading in accordance with strict internal guidelines.

Strict hygiene requirements for your safety

We clean and sanitize our reusable containers in accordance with the strict and internationally binding HACCP guidelines (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) to ensure your products stay safe. This quality tool was designed specifically for handling food as early as 1959 and has been continuously updated and optimised ever since.


The hazard analysis and critical check points are clearly structured and focused on preventive measures in the food sector. These guidelines are designed to prevent hazards which could result in illness or injury to the consumer.

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Die HCCP Richtlinien setzten sich zusammen aus Hazard, Analysis, Critical, Control und Points

Solutions for a wide range of tasks

E-crates, foldable crates, pallet boxes, liquid containers, plastic pallets or wooden pallets. We offer a wide variety of carriers for production, trade and logistics. Looking for more? We can meet your individual requirements for reusable transport trade in any industry with custom-printed designs, special requests, smart technologies and comprehensive advice.

Our product range
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Ladungsträger blaue Klappkiste von WBG-Pooling

Foldable crates

Ladungsträger Palettenboxen rote Big Box

Pallet boxes

Ladungsträger Liquid Container zum Transport und zur Lagerung von Flüssigkeiten

Liquid containers

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Plastic pallets

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Euro pallets

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Consumer goods