Optimise your supply chains and improve your eco-balance

Companies significantly increase the efficiency of their logistics processes and save valuable resources with pooling solutions. How? By using standardised reusable containers continuously and repeatedly in an endless loop. This circular system is simple and suitable for all industries.

WBG-Pooling offers customers a strategic success factor:
you save money, time and space. We take care of everything else from delivery and collection of the containers to storage and testing, professional washing and sanitizing including recycling. Thanks to our highly effective network, WBG-Pooling reliably offers all the services of the circular system from a single source throughout Europe 365 days a year.

Lease instead of purchase

Whether you require hygienic pallets, plastic e-crates or big boxes: you can request a wide variety of reusable containers flexibly and promptly in any quantity or available for collection and at fixed agreed conditions. Seasonal peaks can also be covered cost-effectively in this way without making large investments. Companies can optimise their logistics processes while also sustainably improving their own eco-balance with our modern load carrier management.

Pooling – the circular system
Your benefits


  • Prevents waste, saves packaging material, conserves resources and energy
  • Improves the efficiency of logistics chains
  • Saves on acquisition costs of carriers
  • Reduces administrative time and effort and increases load carrier quality
  • Provides more safety in the empties processes
  • Handles the entire empties process on request
  • Creates cost transparency through a monthly lease statement
  • Prevents seasonal bottlenecks and provides transparent tracking
  • Eliminates quality differences and reduces transport of empties
  • Reduces carbon emissions and improves the eco-balance

Bestandteile eines effizienten Ladungsträgermanagement: Warehousing, Washing & Sanitizing, Recycling & Pooling
gefüllte Mehrwegtransportverpackungen aus dem Pooling Service von WBG

Save CO2 with the pooling network from WBG-pooling

Do you want to improve the carbon footprint in your company? Did you know that you can save CO2 by using reusable transport packaging in combination with our pooling network?

Solutions for a wide range of tasks

E-crate, foldable crate, pallet box, liquid container, plastic pallet or wooden pallet, when it comes to carriers, we offer maximum variety for production, trade and logistics. Looking for more? We can meet your individual requirements for reusable transport trade in any industry with custom-printed designs, special requests, smart technologies and comprehensive advice.

Our product range
Ladungsträger rote E Kiste von WBG-Pooling


Ladungsträger blaue Klappkiste von WBG-Pooling

Foldable crates

Ladungsträger Palettenboxen rote Big Box

Pallet boxes

Ladungsträger Liquid Container zum Transport und zur Lagerung von Flüssigkeiten

Liquid containers

Ladungsträger Kunststoffpalette in grau zum Warentransport

Plastic pallets

Ladungsträger Epal Europalette aus Holz

Euro pallets

Ladungsträger Trennmaterial

Consumer goods

The perfect solution for every industry

Our recyclable reusable transport packaging (RTP) is suitable for all types of goods. We advise you on the selection, your company and also the environment benefit.