My WBG-Pooling
Your digital reusable system

We make supply chains more climate-friendly and efficient right from the start.

Our digital My WBG-Pooling offers the best connections to your logistics in terms of automation and complete transparency. With My WBG-Pooling you have access to your documents at any time. Our digital platform is also currently being further expanded so that you will be able to request your needs live and always keep track of your reports digitally: in real time and on all end devices.

Integration of your IT is just as easy as pooling is thanks to our in-house IT staff who can find the right solution for every interface.

One system with many benefits!

Digital orders, on-demand deliveries.

My WBG-Pooling is our future in pooling. In its full expansion state, the system records orders and all delivery steps such as goods receiving or empties acceptance and lets you view their status around the clock.

You can react promptly and precisely to increased demand, place several orders simultaneously, track the delivery status or view previous orders. We also manage, schedule and optimise your logistics processes digitally.

Your benefit: no bottlenecks, faster processes, greater transparency.

  • Fast and convenient availability of data at the click of a button
  • Better control of the load carrier flow
  • Movement data in real time
  • Reduction of wastage
  • Instant and automated empty container matching
  • High transparency for logistics flows of your carriers
  • Prompt solutions in case of quantity differences or discrepancies

Keep track of everything

Digital document management

With My WBG-Pooling you have full cost control and all delivery and collection receipts are available directly as a download.

Keep track of everything with one click.


Online pool management

Book additional carriers into your inventory quickly and easily at peak times with just a click or automatically via customised interfaces and digital display in My WBG-Pooling.

Tracking with smart tags

Always know the location of containers and react sensitively to unexpected changes in stocks
Thanks to 3 technologies: RFID, data matrix, bar code.

Solutions for a wide range of tasks

E-crates, foldable crates, pallet boxes, liquid containers, plastic pallets or wooden pallets. We offer a wide variety of carriers for production, trade and logistics.

Looking for more? Our customer-specific designs, special details, smart technologies and comprehensive service meet your individual requirements for reusable transport packaging in every industry.

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