Grüne Mehrwegtransportverpackung gefüllt mit Obst

Smart load carriers

We go one step further towards the technology of tomorrow by connecting our smart reusable transport packaging with your IT. Our load carriers are intelligent and can be linked to your company’s internal software using a smart label. In this way, the load carriers become part of your production processes and enable transparent tracking of goods.

We use global standards and identification systems, such as the GS1 standards for cross-company business processes, in conjunction with an infrastructure adapted to your IT for the basis for our digitalisation strategy. Our smart labels comply with the GS1 standard. The goods transported in our load carriers are thus clearly identifiable throughout the entire supply chain.

Seamless data exchange

Digital and transparent

Our WBG-Pooling reusable transport packaging is clearly identifiable thanks to smart labels. They enable your company to run smoothly using state-of-the-art process chains whilst at the same time aiming for a carbon neutral circular economy.

The smart load carriers by WBG-Pooling can be transparently linked (“married”) to the transported goods using a smart label and production and logistics processes can be digitally tracked. Our digital load carriers are designed to bring more transparency to your company’s supply chain.

Our smartload carriers thus help to make cross-company processes standardised, automated and transparent .

  • Benefits with labels: cost-savings on labels
  • Prevention of complaints due to labels that have fallen off, incorrect labelling or old labels
  • No removal of labels necessary
  • Saves time for administrative tasks

Smart label
The digital solution for your supply chain

All property of WBG-Pooling products are equipped with a smart label, which makes our load carriers intelligent. Smart labels are the future in the area of cross-company logistics processes. They digitally map the entire supply chain and enable optimal management and control of all your logistics processes.

Our smart label contains a globally unique number according to the GS1 standard for reusable transport packaging (Global Returnable Asst Identifier GRAI), with the focus on efficiency, safety, transparency and sustainability.

The 1D bar code is part of the standard label. A 2D code, also called GS1 Data Matrix, on the other hand, is much more robust and still readable even with in case of some damage and wear and tear. This is a great advantage, especially when reusable transport packaging has a long service life. The RFID is used in particular for pulse readings via radio waves. It enables automatic and split-second collection of large quantities of returnable transport packaging. The returnable transport packaging can be identified simultaneously without loading and unloading, even without visual contact via RFID. If RFID readers are installed at certain points in the customer’s logistics process, this can be used, for example, to automatically record incoming and outgoing goods.

Inmould label

All Property Of WBG-Pooling products have an inmould label (IML).  With an in-mould label, the finished label is inserted into the injection mould before the returnable transport packaging is manufactured and then applied to the load carrier during the manufacturing process. The label therefore bonds indissolubly to the plastic and has the advantage f being more durable than a glued-on label.

Property of WBG-Pooling

Different load carriers for every application 

We have various smart returnable load carriers in our portfolio for use in a wide range of industries. Our “Property of WBG-Pooling” products comprise a wide range of load carriers in industrial and European sizes. We offer three different product categories according to the area of application and type of goods:


Eurocrates or small load carriers (SLCs) are standardised crates for transporting and storing small goods. Our Eurocrates are available in various sizes and both rigid and volume-reducible.

Pallet boxes

Pallet boxes, big boxes or large load carriers (LLCs) are standardised pallet containers made of plastic with a large capacity for transporting and storing goods.


Our pallets are made of sturdy and robust plastic and are designed for transporting and storing larger quantities or single heavier items. The European and industrial sizes make them compatible with other European containers.

Digitise your supply chain

Pooling & leasing

Save time, money and resources. Our smart reusable system help you to significantly increase the efficiency of your logistics processes whilst also optimising your carbon footprint at the same time. My WBG-Pooling makes your company more efficient and future-proof.

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