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My WBG-Pooling
Your digital reusable system

We make supply chains more climate-friendly and efficient right from the start.

Our digital My WBG-Pooling offers the best connections to your logistics in terms of automation and complete transparency. My WBG-Pooling gives you access to your documents at any time. What’s more, our digital platform is currently being completely revised for you. In the near future, you will be able to request your needs live and always keep track of your reports digitally: in real time and on all end devices. Integration of your IT is just as easy as pooling is thanks to our in-house IT staff who can find the right solution for every interface.

One system with many benefits!

Digital orders, on-demand deliveries.

My WBG-Pooling is our future in pooling. In the full expansion phase, the system records all orders as well as all movements between you and your business partners. The respective status is always transparent.  Delivery documents can be accessed directly. Prompt and smooth account reconciliation is the rule and no longer an exception.

  • Fast and convenient availability of data at the click of a button
  • Better control of the load carrier flow
  • Movement data in real time
  • Reduction of wastage
  • Instant and automated empty container matching
  • High transparency for logistics flows of your load carriers
  • Prompt solutions in case of quantity differences or discrepancies

The manual can be found here

Step 1
Place order

Order for delivery of returnable transport packaging in a specific quality to a previously saved or new address. To do so, you can use copy templates or standing orders to make your work more efficient.

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Step 2
Communicate despatch

Check-out of reusable transport packaging as soon as it is sent to the customer with the goods.

Bildliche Dartsellung der DIANA App

Step 3
Goods received

If you have agreed with the consignee to complete the goods receipt by “handshake”, an automatic and immediate cross entry will then take place.

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Step 4
Share MTV

Reusable transport packaging is released to any location within the EU.

Bildliche Darstellung der Freistellung von Mehrwegtransportverpackungen an einem Ort

Step 5
Adapt requirements

The monthly load account is reconciled based on the accrued bookings with direct viewing of the delivery documents.

Bildliche Datstellung einer synkronisierten Checkliste

Step 6
View transactions

All transactions are displayed to you, even if they were transferred via interfaces between the client’s ERP and WBG-Pooling.

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Solutions for a wide range of tasks.

E-crates, folding crates, pallet boxes, liquid containers, plastic pallets or wooden pallets, when it comes to load carriers, we offer maximum variety for production, trade and logistics.

But that’s not all: our customer-specific designs, special details, smart technologies and comprehensive service meet your individual requirements for reusable transport packaging in every industry.

Our product range
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Foldable crates

Ladungsträger Palettenboxen rote Big Box

Pallet boxes

Ladungsträger Liquid Container zum Transport und zur Lagerung von Flüssigkeiten

Liquid containers

Plastic pallets

Ladungsträger Epal Europalette aus Holz

Euro pallets