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Digital proof of delivery

The digital proof of delivery solution by WBG-Pooling, LHM-Pooling and Rubetrans Logistics. This digital document can be transmitted directly to our RTP management system after order completion and acknowledgement of the documents from the loading or unloading point as well as from staff. Digital proof of delivery keeps logistics and process chains short. What’s more, there are no more detours via the physical transport of paper-based proof of delivery documents directly to our RTP management and to your company’s empties or transport management.

Digital proof of delivery – smart & simple!

Digital transmission of proof of delivery

With digital proof of delivery, you achieve maximum efficiency in your goods logistics because digital proof of delivery eliminates the long processing times of paper-based solutions for goods and delivery by replacing them with a user-friendly system. Digital proof of delivery makes transmitting papier-based documents (for de livery and pick-up) of goods unnecessaryas documents are transmitted quickly, innovatively, simply and encrypted from any mobile end device übertragen. Everything has also been thought of when it comes to data protection. The data are forwarded directly without needing to be stored on a smartphone. Digital proof of delivery makes logistics processes so simple.

  • No changes to tried and trusted processes
  • No app installation
  • Documents are not saved
  • Available in 7 languages
  • Sharing is made easy
  • Documents are immediately available in the customer portal

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Digital proof of delivery helps you to reach your goal in just six steps

Scan the QR code

Open the camera on the smartphone. Focus on the QR code of the order, a web link will then appear. Open this link in the browser of your choice.

Bildliche Darstellung vom scannen eines QR Codes mit dem Handy

Give camera access

You will be asked for permission to use the camera, simply click on “Allow”.

Bildliche Darstellung zum Anschalten der Handy Kamera innerhalb des Systems

Select language

You have now been taken to the menu item “Language”. Select the desired language here and continue.

Flaggen zum Anklicken der gewünschten Sprachausgabe

Photograph documents

Focus on the document, then click on “Scan”. Click on “OK” to accept the scan. More scans can also be added. It is also possible to delete scans that already exist.

Bildliche Darstellung vom scannen eines Dokuments mit dem Handy

Send documents

By clicking on “Send”, the mobile device transmits the scans directly to the server. The app is closed automatically and no scans are saved on the smartphone.

Bildliche Darstellung des Übertragens eines Scans direkt zum Server.

Share document internally

Documents are sent via Whatsapp, SMS or email, e.g. to the forwarding office or dispatcher, empties management or yourself (loader, unloader).

Bildliche Darstellung die den Versand von Belegen per Whatsapp, SMS oder Mail zeigt