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Do you want to improve your organisation’s carbon footprint? Did you know that you can reduce carbon emissions by using reusable transport packaging in combination with our pooling solutions?

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Sustainably optimise your supply chain

Our Carbon Footprint Calculator shows you how much on carbon emissions you can save on the route from your delivery location to the respective exemption site. The calculation of your savings is based on evaluations, journeys already carried out by us and our area-wide network.

CO2-Rechner für E-Kisten

Mit diesem Tool können Sie für Ihre Lieferketten die CO2 Einsparung im Netzwerk der WBG-Pooling ermitteln. Die Berechnung gilt für E2-Kisten Klasse C.

Geben Sie einfach den gewünschten Anlieferort, den Ort der Freistellung und die Menge an. Das Ergebnis ist die Differenz zwischen dem Rücktransport der leeren Kisten zum Ausgangsort, im Vergleich zu Anlieferung und Abholung im WBG-Pooling-Netzwerk.

  • Berechnung auf Basis voller Lkw-Ladung, Dieselverbrauch 28 l/100km
  • CO2e WtW: 2,91 kg/l Diesel (gem. JEC Well-To-Wheels report v5, EUR 30284 EN, 2020)

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Find out more about our pooling solutions and schedule a non-binding consultation with our team. In addition to the classic red e-crate, our product portfolio also includes other reusable transport packaging such as big boxes or pallets.

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E-crates, foldable crates, pallet boxes, liquid containers, plastic pallets or wooden pallets – when it comes to load carriers, we offer maximum variety for production, trade and logistics. But that’s not all: we successfully solve individual requirements for reusable transport packaging in every industry through customer-specific designs, special details, smart technologies and comprehensive advice.

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