Reusable carriers for every industry

WBG-Pooling specialises in the high standards of food production and industry as well as multi-level and complex fresh food supply chains. Our extensive range of carriers, a wealth of experience and extensive expertise in consultation thus provide the basis for individual returnable transport solutions and maximum customer satisfaction even beyond these industries.

WBG-Pooling Products

E-crate, foldable crate, pallet box, liquid container, plastic pallet or wooden pallet, when it comes to carriers, we offer maximum variety for production, trade and logistics.

E3-Performance-Crate light blue

die WBG Pooling BigBox 1000 in grau

WBG-Pooling-BigBox 1000 grey

BigBox 1000 3 runners grey

Twin-Wall-Sheet 800

WBG-Pooling-Foldable-Crate 6422 black

Export-Pallet-QP800 black GD

Ansicht einer blauen BigBox 1000 mit Abflussverschluss in hell blau

WBG-Pooling-BigBox 1000 drain 605L light blue

Freezer-Spacer NFS2 800 black

WBG-Pooling-Foldable-Crate 6422 black

E1-Performance-Crate light blue