Verschiedene Gewürze auf einem Tisch

More flavour is on the way

Spices have been in the aroma-proof hands of WBG-Pooling for a long time. Our specially designed reusable packaging is extremely robust and preserves fragrance and flavour thanks to its special material and design.

Whether dry bulk general cargo, the stable reusable transport packaging from WBG-Pooling offers excellent hygiene, stackability, resistance to changing temperatures, moisture and other adverse influences that can especially effect high-quality spices. Our solutions protect your sensitive goods while increasing the product quality all the way to production or retail.

Reusable solutions for spices

Shatterproof, great protection and ready for immediate use

Our special reusable spice packaging can be safely stacked and stored on standardised pallets thanks to their format. This reduces manual handling and thus the risk of breakage.

Unlike conventional disposable packaging, your sensitive spices are optimally protected by our containers during transport and retain their full aroma.

Verschiedene Gewürze

Your benefit: sealed in aroma for you supply chain

Our containers guarantee the safest route from the product to the shelf.
Aroma-proof and perfectly protected along the entire reusable cycle.

Kräuter und Gewürze

Your benefit: sustainable pooling for sustainable spices

Your products retain their full aroma, are sustainable and full of flavour with excellent eco-balance because our recyclable RTPs consume less energy and save carbon emissions in the supply chain.

E2 Crate red

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm
Tare weight 2,00 kg (+/- 1%)
Filling weight 30 kg
Temp. resistance -40°C to +70°C
Product information

WBG-Pooling Combo BigBox 1155 grey

Dimensions 1155 x 1155 x 1132 mm
Tare weight 88,5 kg
Volume 1.060 L
Dynamic load capacity 2.977 kg
Product information

Euro H1 Hygienic Pallet light grey

Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 160 mm
Tare weight 18,00 kg +/- 3%
Static load capacity 5.000 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1.250 kg
Product information