Tofu angerichtet auf einem Brett

New Food
New territory in reusable solutions

New-food products are premium and delicate goods. Our WBG-Pooling reusable transport packaging made of plastic has been especially developed for sensitive area.

You protect your valuable plant-based foods and reduce the risk of serious damage during transport. The result is less food waste and better quality products at the point of sale (POS).

Choose between rigid and volume-reducible containers in a sustainable wood-look with closed and slotted bottoms and inner sides. Our RTPs protect your new-food products from harmful influences so that your products stay safe.

More than a trend

Sustainable pooling for sustainable food

Your products are innovative, sustainable and harmless to the environment just like our WBG-Pooling system. Together, we can tap new markets with new, tried and trusted solutions to grow at a sustainable pace.

Gain an advantage with an excellent eco-balance: Our recyclable RTPs consume 65% less energy and save up to 60% carbon emissions in the supply chain. This means you can calmly face impending strict legal sustainability regulations while at the same time best meet the high standards of your environmentally conscious customers.

Rote Mehrwegtransportverpackungen mit WBG-Pooling Label

Your benefit: professional washing services

WBG-Pooling offers you certified washing and sanitizing of used e-crates, pallets and big boxes and the logistics are even included. Ecologically correct and hygienically clean.

Ein Stapel blauer Big Boxen in einer Lagerhalle

Your benefit: a complete value chain

WBG-Pooling helps you close any logistical gaps in your value chain and pave the way from the manufacturer to the POS with sustainable and climate friendly solutions.

die WBG Pooling BigBox 1000 in grün

WBG-Pooling-BigBox 1000 green

Dimensions 1200 x 1000 x 740 mm
Tare weight 40 kg +/- 3%
Volume 605 L
Dynamic load capacity 1.200 kg
Product information

E2-Performance-Crate light blue

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 200 mm
Tare weight 2,00 kg (+/- 1%)
Filling weight 30 kg
Temp. resistance -40°C to +70°C
Product information

Euro H1 Hygienic Pallet light grey

Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 160 mm
Tare weight 18,00 kg +/- 3%
Static load capacity 5.000 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1.250 kg
Product information