Verschiedene Getränke in Gläsern

Go with the flow

The logistics of beverages seem simple, but they are anything but that. People may think that wood is sustainable, but heavy, splintery and unhygienic pallets made of this material are no longer in keeping with the times. WBG-Pooling pallets offer unsurpassed hygiene compared to wood and are much more durable.

Our plastic pallets not only save space but are also exceptionally user-friendly as well as easy to wash and sanitize. The many benefits also offer significant cost savings.

Sustainable and efficient solutions

What else could be important for your eco-balance …

Our intelligent WBG-Pooling pallets significantly increase your level of automation. The low weight of the robust pallets allows high load capacities in high-bay warehouses. This saves time and money. An excellent eco-balance and sustainability mean you are well prepared for the future.

Getränke in Gläsern

Your benefit: direct to the customer

You can deliver beverages directly to the POS in the shop with our lightweight plastic half pallets.

Blaue Kunststoffpalette mit Smart Label zum Digitalisieren

Your benefit: different sizes

Our L1 and L3 plastic pallets are available in different dimensions up to a dynamic load capacity of 2,000 kg, depending on the goods to be transported.