Brot und Backwaren

WBG-Pooling reusable solutions for bread & bakery products
Crispy, fresh reusable solutions underway

Dry bread and crushed cakes not only spoil customers’ appetites but also call food inspectors to the scene in a snap. Maximum freshness and quality from the bakery to the shop are guaranteed by our WBG-Pooling reusable plastic containers (RTPs). A tightly secured and seamless supply chain with our RTPs ensures the necessary food safety and high quality of products from the bakery to the point of sale.

Our reusable packaging is exactly the right travel companion for this journey. Specifically designed for transporting fresh bakery products, they meet all the necessary requirements for this highly sensitive supply chain: from standardised formats to sustainable materials and real-time tracking. The durable construction of our standardised foldable crates safely protects contents from crushing and damage. Cleverly placed vents with open side walls and a ventilated bottom keep bread fresh throughout the entire supply chain and ensure the ideal temperature.

Reusable packaging solutions for baked goods

Better quality assurance in every phase of the sensitive supply chain

Our specially designed foldable crates impress with their robustness and functionality. They offer a number of clever features unlike common packaging solutions. The open design of the bottom and smooth insides protects the contents and offers ventilation and temperature control. Goods retain their freshness from the bakery to the shelf.

Our returnable containers make it possible to safely stack pallets thanks to the interlocking design. Stacked RTPs distribute their weight on the boxes – not on the product. This prevents damage to the contents. The crates can be set up or folded quickly and easily thanks to the intelligent folding mechanism. Practical integrated handles ensure optimum ergonomic handling during manual order picking.

Our foldable crates are also great for the environment: they generate up to 60% fewer carbon emissions and almost 90% less solid waste. They also consume 64% less energy and 80% less water than disposable packaging.

Brot und Backwaren in einer Bäckerei

Your benefit: we take care of everything for you

With WBG-Pooling, you always have the right carriers available. We take care of the complete logistics, i.e. collection of used reusable containers, hygienically certified and environmentally friendly cleaning and on-demand provision.

Backwarten in einer blauen Mehrweg Bäckerkiste

Your benefit: our boxes and pallets meet your needs

Our durable and hygienic crates, big boxes and pallets can be universally used in food production. Not only can they be used for transport and storage they can also be used for picking, resting, cooling or fermentation, for example.

WBG-Pooling Foldable Crate 6423 light blue

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 230 mm
Tare weight 1,98 kg (+/- 1%)
Filling weight 20 kg
Temp. resistance -20°C to +40°C
Product information

WBG-Pooling-Foldable-Crate 6422 wood grey

Dimensions 600 x 400 x 218 mm
Tare weight 1,90 kg (+/- 1%)
Volume 44,8 L
Temp. resistance -20°C to +40°C
Product information

WBG-Pooling-L1-Logistic Pallet light blue

Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 150 mm
Tare weight 20,00 kg +/- 3%
Static load capacity 7.500 kg
Dynamic load capacity 1.250 kg
Product information