Mehrwegtransportverpackungen gefüllt mit Lebensmitteln im Supermarkt

We carry every type of product for your logistics needs

WBG-Pooling offers solutions that are oriented to customers and their processes. Our customised reusable services are completely tailored to the individual needs of your company, trade flows and production processes. Whether fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, new food, dairy products, packaging, fine foods or spices, we offer environmentally friendly, proven and premium quality reusable transport packaging in a closed cycle for every group of goods across the entire supply chain.

Products for a sustainable future

A positive energy and sustainability balance is only effective when practical use is involved. That is why we work with the leading manufacturers when designing and selecting our carriers so that you can are assured of standardised and automatable highly efficient carriers in all formats thanks to our bundling and pooling Whether bulk goods in a big box, stacked goods on hygienic pallets or POS-ready in e-crates in wood-look, standardised RTP solutions from WBG-Pooling ensure reliable processes throughout the entire supply chain from production to automated warehouses right through to wholesale and retail.

The perfect solution for every industry

Our recyclable reusable transport packaging (RTP) is suitable for all types of goods. We can advise you on the selection which benefits your company and the environment.


LHM Pooling specialises in process chains applied to just-in-time production with high automation and is your innovative and reliable partner for pooling services for reusable transport packaging and sustainable load carrier management. It offers solutions to industries such as the automotive and automotive supply market, agricultural engineering, transport or building materials.
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